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Our Elementary School

Our Elementary school is for children who would have or had have difficulty in managing the curriculum at schools of the normal type.The school has three classes currently.All services and activities are provided free of charge.

 School is involved in the project of the Central Region called “Modernizing schools“; which was established by the Central Region Office.

   What do we offer?

An individual approach taking into the account the health status of our pupils

Speech therapy care for children with speech defects

Basic work with PC

Borrowing books from school libraries

Teaching conversation in English

Meals for children in the “Eurest“ – the school restaurant

Daily sales of milk and milk products, which are partly endowed (state-aided)

Numbers of extracurricular activities - competitions, excursions, exhibitions, tours, gazebos, tutorials, discussions, swimming training, lectures, etc.

Teacher, assistant teacher, headmistress

Methodology of teaching

The school provides education and training to students with mental and sensory disabilities, multiple disabilities and speech defects or otherwise debilitated and preparing them for integration into society by means of special teaching methods, special devices and facilities and specific forms of work.

 The training program focuses on overall personality development with emphasis on practical orientation - the development of communication, guidance, work, movement, artistic and musical skills with respect for individuality and the health status of each pupil.

  School equipment

The school has very good conditions for preparing students for various professions – a school workshop, a training kitchen, the allotment for gardening and production work as well as PC laboratory. The classrooms are equipped with new, height-adjustable furniture and audiovisual facilities.

The pupils have in their disposal a gym, a playground, a library, a relaxation garden with a field for basketball and tennis, a relaxing bath, and modern tools.


SPC Benešov, Konopišťská

PPP Benešov (pedagogical and psychology counselling services)


SPC Prague Chotouňská - pupils with autism (special pedagogical centre)

SPC Prague, nám. Míru - pupils with impaired vision


Employment Office and others



The school is a special establishment for the district Votice. The location of the school is in the middle of Votice region and there are good possibilities of commutation by bus or by train in all directions.